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Words of Praise

"Never before had they met children of their own age from the opposite sides of the conflicts in their countries. But weeks later, amid hugs and tears of farewell, the enemies had become friends."
      —Time Magazine

"In a corner of the world where images are often more important than reality, the sight of two historic enemies getting along, even becoming friends, may send a powerful message to adults."
      —Good Morning America

"I met with the graduates of your program when I was in Israel. They are impressive indeed. Seeds of Peace efforts worldwide are deserving of every commendation."
      —Isaac Stern

"The best thing I've seen in the region over the last eight years is this Seeds of Peace program. That kind of dialogue is what has to replace the bullets and the rocks."
      —Former President Bill Clinton

"Witnessing young Arabs and Israelis sitting together at the White House ceremony gives me hope that soon all Arabs and Israelis can live normal lives side-by-side."
      —Yitzhak Rabin

"Looking at you, I see ample reason for renewed hope. As Seeds of Peace, you have overcome the political divides and emotional traumas of our shared history and forged meaningful friendships that have allowed you to understand and even transcend your differences. You can do something the most powerful political leaders cannot—you can realize the future we all hope for."
      —Queen Noor

"Do not dismiss this as youthful idealism … We, the Seeds of Peace, refuse to accept what is when we know what can be."
      —The Seeds at the International Conference


Treaties are negotiated by governments. Peace is made by people.
Seeds of Peace is doing what no government can. It is sowing the seeds of peace among children who have grown up with the horror of war.

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