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John Wallach

Prior to founding Seeds of Peace, John Wallach was already a respected and award-winning author and journalist. Tragically, Mr. Wallach passed away in July of 2002, during filming of the documentary.

From 1968 to 1994, Mr. Wallach was the Foreign Editor of the Hearst Newspapers and as a leading expert on Arafat and the Middle East, he became a regular on television programs such as PBS' Washington Week in Review, Fox News, BBC, CNN and NBC's Meet the Press.

During his illustrious journalistic career, Mr. Wallach broke many high-profile news stories, including the Iran-Contra scandal, for which he received the National Press Club's highest honor, The Edwin Hood Award. His Late Majesty King Hussein of Jordan presented him the prestigious Legion of Honor, and in 1991 Mikhail Gorbachev awarded him the highest civilian honor, the Medal of Friendship.

Mr. Wallach was the author of four books including The Enemy Had A Face: The Seeds of Peace Experience and Arafat: In The Eyes of the Beholder.

He leaves Seeds of Peace as his enduring legacy.

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