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Year-Round Program

Seeds of Peace does not end at the camp. Throughout the year, they establish and maintain a wide range of follow-up initiatives, designed to continue the work started in Maine. These include:

  • The Center For Coexistence in Jerusalem
    Blessed by both the Israeli and Palestinian Governments, this 5,000 square-foot center continues the contact by allowing teenagers, their friends and families to meet for weekly activities and workshops including a twelve-week advanced course in conflict resolution.

  • The Middle East Youth Summit in Switzerland
    The Middle East Youth Summit, a conference that challenges the graduates to become genuine negotiators by putting into practice the techniques they have learned at Seeds of Peace and tackling issues that have defied the politicians.

  • The International Youth Conference at the United Nations
    In direct response to September 11th, Seeds of Peace organized an international forum of 120 Seeds from 18 delegations at The United Nations in New York to create a Youth Charter on Uprooting Hatred and Terror.

  • The Delegation Leader Program
    Taking the idea of camp one step further, this program allows the adult delegation leaders to participate in their own version of camp, including conflict resolution sessions and an adventure survival course. Delegation leaders return to their countries to create an invaluable infrastructure for nurturing the Seeds of Peace ideals.

  • Educational Programs
    Seeds of Peace is committed to continuing its work through schools and the educational system. Initiatives include a CD-ROM based Internet program, Teaching Peace, which allows children to develop and nurture virtual friendships across national borders.

  • SeedsNet
    A monitored listserv, SeedsNet is an active Internet forum where Seeds can carry out daily discussions on current affairs by means of bulletin boards and email.

  • The Olive Branch
    A quarterly newspaper written by graduate Seeds, allowing continued expression and sharing of the collective experience.

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