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The Middle East to this day remains somewhat of an enigma to the Western audience. Fixed in the imagination somewhere between images from Lawrence of Arabia and the war-torn fundamentalism we see on CNN, it continues to be a misunderstood part of the world. We tend to judge the Middle East without taking into account the long and varied history that makes the Middle East one of the world's Sacred Places.

The Middle East through Place and Time will open a window onto the developments and contributions that the Middle East has made to modern civilization featuring sights and sounds of beauty, tranquility, spirituality, and a land rich in culture and history. Our journey will be brought to life in the form of a modern-day travelogue that follows in the footsteps of an identical journey made 130 years ago. We will witness history unfold by weaving together re-creations of the past with imagery from the present; revealing a world in which tradition remains strong yet is in harmony with the fast-moving future.

The Middle East through Place and Time will also unlock some of the mysteries of the area: how ancient civilization co-exists with the modern world, how Islam is inextricably linked to Judaism and Christianity, and how the Middle East has contributed to the development of Medicine, Astronomy, Architecture, Music, Philosophy and Science. Ultimately, this is a story of finding a reflection of ourselves by looking into the past.

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