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A full-length documentary film based on the Seeds of Peace camp in Maine, during the summer 2002. The camp brings teens from war-torn nations to summer camp and through a series of exercises and workshops, teaches them to put a human face on those that are their presumed enemies. Education edition currently available on DVD.

The Middle East Through Place and Time
A unique view of the contributions of the Middle East to world culture and it's unbreakable connection to the West. The story is told through the eyes of a young man who is part of both worlds. Currently in development for the Large format series entitled Sacred Places with Iwerks Entertainment.

A look at ancient Japanese civilization through the eyes of a young girl in a modern day orphanage. Also being developed as a possible project for Sacred Places.

Aimee Mann Bachelor No. 5
National commercial for the release of award-winning recording artist's new CD. Aired on 2001 VH1 Video Awards.

Atlantis Falling
Original musical scoring for animated feature film, scheduled for completion in 2004. Listen to score excerpts in MP3 format.

One of These Days
Feature film screenplay developed from concept to delivery in December 2001. In development for future production.

Zweben Seems
Music Video

Hector On Stilts Getting Farther
View Music Video (17MB)

MTV2 We Love Music As Much As You Do
Spec Promo Campaign developed for proposal to the network.


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